The Span Cabinet.

| Cast | Mitred | Splined | Dovetailed | Mortise & Tenoned | Bolted | Rabbeted | Glued | Screwed | Hinged | Scorched | Oiled | Waxed | Brushed | Polished |

The SPAN Cabinet is a weird thing, with it’s skinny legs and mad external hinges. It’s got a lot of character and has a definite presence in the room. It was designed and built as a showcase of material craft, bringing together all of the materials and processes we’re most excited about right now.

It is available to view and buy from Mint in Kensington, London

  • Materials | English Pippy Oak, Walnut, Sycamore, Wired Glass, Brass, Concrete + Leather
  • Dimensions | W 60cm x D 33cm x H 178cm
  • Year | 2015
  • Exclusively available from Mint shop |