HEDRON Writer’s Box

A bespoke Writer’s Box commissioned by a private client. The faceted outer case of the box is opened with a key to reveal a leather lined writing slope in the upper section and a stationery tray and two drawers in the lower.  A magnet is embedded in the key handle which snaps to a corresponding magnet concealed under the leather of the slope. This allows you to remove the slope to reveal a secret compartment containing hand stitched leather document folders. The strip of alternating colours along the back of the stationery tray is, in fact, a two-action mechanism for opening a secret drawer. By placing the magnetic key in the correct place one of the pieces pops up, allowing you to slide the strip along. This causes a small secret drawer to spring open. The outer shell of the box is English Sycamore, the stationery tray is English Walnut and the drawers are lined with zinc. Please watch the video here

  • Materials | English Sycamore, Walnut, Leather, Zinc, Brass & Neodymium Magnets
  • Dimensions | 37cm x 37cm x 16cm
  • Location | London
  • Year | 2015