This bespoke commission began with a huge 3m x 1m dining table that had been bought by the client’s father as a meeting table in Hong Kong. It had then been brought back to London and installed in their light-filled, open-plan living space with concrete floors and full height windows. In this new environment the table suddenly looked terribly dated and out of place. We where brought in by Lina Kanifani of Mint to incorporate the existing tabletop into a new design more suitable for the space. Seeing as the client wanted a wider table we decided to split the massive single plank of Elm down the middle and insert a concrete beam to give some extra width and create a visual link with the concrete floor. The client was also interested in our previous use of concrete components in pieces like the SPAN Cabinet so we incorporated these ‘spans’ (so called for their structural similarity to the spans of concrete bridges) into the design.

The result is an object of solid physical presence which compliments the visual language of the architecture that surrounds it.

Please do get in touch if you are interested in commissioning something similar.

  • Materials | Elm, Concrete, Ebonised Ash, Steel
  • Dimensions | L 300cm x W 112cm x H cm
  • Year | 2017