The BEAM Desk is a clean and minimal design with strong architectural incluences. Built around a custom-cast concrete beam, the toughened glass surface is supported by a timber structure available in a choice of sustainable British hardwoods including Sycamore, Oak, Ash and Beech. The desk includes a modular drawer unit which can be placed in any of the six available spaces between two ribs and can comprise as few or as many drawers as required. The pictured desk (In English Sycamore) comprises two drawers, lined with silk fabric designed by Anna Glover. The top shallow drawer is visible from above to display your precious and beautiful belongings. Hand rubbed in Danish oil and natural Beeswax for a durable and maintainable finish. Our standard size is L 150cm x W 75cm x H 72cm with the glass flush to the ends of the beams, but we can provide it with a larger surface too.

  • Materials | British Hardwood, concrete, leather, brass or steel fittings + toughened glass
  • Dimensions | L 150cm x W 75cm x H 72cm
  • Price | Desk - £2600 | Drawer Unit - £900 and upwards
  • Lead Time | 6 - 8 Weeks