Temper Studio designs and makes idiosyncratic, contemporary furniture, household objects and the occasional structure from a small workshop in rural Wiltshire. Our influences are broad, indiscriminate and irreverent. Our skills and methods are won the fun way, through practice, trial and error. We have a particular love for material combinations, marrying wood, concrete, steel, leather, brass and glass. However, sustainable UK grown timber is the constant throughout. This is for the most practical of reasons, we like woodlands, they’re lovely to be in, and if we don’t give value to the trees that populate them then nobody can afford to maintain them. It’s also fortunate that this country produces some of the most beautiful timbers in the world.

Besides our finely crafted bespoke and made to order furniture we take great pleasure in producing our range of small objects for the kitchen and home. There is something very therapeutic about just shaping a piece of tree to reveal it’s grain and character as an object in itself, rather than as a part of some larger, more complex structure.

Everything that comes out of our workshop has been made by a skilled intelligent human, with the assistance of some rudimentary machinery and finished with natural oils and waxes.

The Team

George Winks
Founder, designer and craftshuman

Temper was founded by George Winks in April 2013. George grew up in Johannesburg, South Africa and spent much of his childhood in his father’s workshop – getting in the way. He went on to study knife-making and upon relocating to London, studied drawing and painting. After graduating he worked as a graphic designer, continued his art practice in painting and sculpture and taught himself carpentry. An autodidact through and through, he believes that there is nothing you cannot learn if you have a practical application for that knowledge. He has a deep love for beautiful well-made things and, and decided that if he wanted such things he would just have to learn how to make them.


Emily Gabriel

Emily Joined the team in March 2017

Emily got in touch with us after scouring Instagram for people she wanted to apprentice with. Having worked for a maker with a more ‘rustic’ aesthetic she was drawn to the clean lines and precision of what we do here. With a host of big projects all starting at once she turned up at the right time and was thrown in the deep end working on the restoration of a 1930s wooden boat whilst also learning the key Temper Studio skill of precision hand-planing – alongside the traditional Sisyphean apprentice’ tasks of sweeping and sanding, of course. She’s a quick learner, a speed demon with a plane, never gives up until the job is done and an excellent 90s RnB dancer.

Jonny Peel
Craftshuman and workshop manager

Jonny joined Temper in 2014 after helping George complete the Periscope House furniture for Studio Bark. George and Jonny had been friends for a decade already when they started working together and Jonny seized the opportunity to leave London and learn some new skills in a workshop environment. Jonny is responsible for keeping the workshops in order and handles the production of our small accessories. He is also captain of ‘Lifting the Heavy Things’