Springfield house – On Site : Round 2

continued from part 1

Three weeks later, after a much needed recovery, I returned to Berry Hall to finish off the Springfield House countertops and dining table. This time I had the forethought to bring this guy with me.


My good friend Jonny (who has now become my apprentice) is a great man to have around on site when there’s a ton of hard labour to be done. Together we made short work of the remaining sanding and polishing and the final fitting together of the experimental ‘beam’ table.

In just a few months we’s turned this


into this


into this


And finally into this


And here is the table in the house that overlooks the woodland from which it came

IMG_5479IMG_5406 IMG_5422 IMG_5483 IMG_5488 IMG_5501 IMG_5506 IMG_5508