Springfield House, Norfolk

We are very pleased to announce that we have been asked to be involved in a very exciting project by our friend Wilf Meynell over at Studio Bark. Wilf is the architectural designer of Springfield House, a  Code level 6 (net zero carbon), eco house currently under construction in Norfolk. We have been asked to produce many of the interior wood finishes including window sills and kitchen worktops as well as design and make a large dining table which will become a major feature of the the living space. What sets this project apart is that, with a focus on sustainability, as many of the materials used for the building as possible have been locally sourced. The aggregate for the concrete is from a local quarry and the cedar for the exterior cladding from a nearby woodland. It was with this in mind that we decided to fell a beautiful 70 year old sycamore, from the woods over which the house looks, from which to craft the sills, worktops and dining table.

IMG_3455This man here happens to be Anthony Meynell, Wilf’s father and manager of the award-winning Berry Hall Woodland. He had a couple of mature Ash and Sycamore trees earmarked for felling (pictured next to an Ash) and kindly took us around the woodland to choose one. After a little indecision and a bit of research we decided to go for the Sycamore which has natural antiseptic properties, making it ideal for kitchen and dining purposes.







Here’s Anthony dropping the tree with the ease and precision of the expert. Excitingly the house build is being filmed for Grand Designs and they took a keen interest in the tree felling. They even strapped a bunch of GoPro cameras onto it which had to be dug out of the ground after the tree fell on them – and yes, they did still work.

So the Sycamore is down and has been transported by Sutton Timber to their Sotterly Sawmill where it awaits the saw and the kiln.

More updates to come as the project evolves but for more information please follow the Build Blog over at Studio Bark